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12 Carry-on Items for Long-haul Flights

Most airline cabins are limited to 7 kilos of baggage allowance. If you’re lucky, some carriers or upgrades allow up to 10 kilos. But 7 kilos is the standard for many, including budget airlines. Besides, 7 kilos is light enough to be lugged around. This list will keep you always ready for the unexpected. You’ll…

Lezz Go To Legazpi

Corny title, I know. I think my creative juices got drained making this video. No regrets there. I had fun even if the song got stuck in my head for days. I wish to thank again my high school friends for this wonderful adventure with you. To Lear, Trot, and family for the warm hospitality…

Applying for Irish Visa

It is important to note that the Republic of Ireland has no embassy in the Philippines. The nearest embassy is based in Singapore. We do have a Consulate in Makati where all applications are to be submitted to. The Consulate of Ireland will be the one to forward the applications to the Embassy in Singapore….

One Ok Rock 2016

JANUARY 19, 2016 MANILA – OHMYGOOOOODDDD! I can’t believe this day came. A Japanese rock band finally had a solo concert in Manila. Not a special appearance in a con, but a full-blown concert in SM Mall of Asia’s Arena! Guess who were excited?

Applying for UK Visa

London is in every traveler’s bucketlist. From architectural wonders to fashion, London has something for everyone. Of course, this western destination is a dream for many Filipinos, and with cheaper flights and travel websites, it’s easier to DIY your itinerary. But first, securing that VISA!

Wonderful World of Acting

Growing up, people usually have a path laid out for them: starting with elementary school, high school, college, to finding a job related to your undergraduate degree. And I did just that. However, after a year of working for a foreign embassy, I decided that the world is much more than what I see in…

Theater: Palasyo ni Valentin

Post-participation in Virgin Labfest, I got a little bit more confident to pursue auditions. I tried for Dalanghita’s Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady musical, Dulaang UP’s Haring Lear to name a few. I was lucky to be cast in DLSU CSB’s Palasyo ni Valentin under the direction of the acclaimed Nonon Padilla. Written by the…

Virgin Labfest XI: Sariwa

This year marks a lot of first for me. I thought newbies won’t ever be given a chance in theater particularly those who have not received formal education. After auditioning for the Virgin Labfest XI at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, I was cast in the revisited play, Ang Naghihingalo.