This is just another blog in the web which I hope could chronicle the good times in my life and make the reader see the beauty of living. Do I even have readers? I don’t even get ads on my page anymore. But we all know the most important kind of happiness cannot be expressed in a blog post.

I am a Pisces in the Year of the Sheep with blood type A. I like the arts even though I’m not good at it. I’m a dreamer who wants to be an actress, social entrepreneur, and ambassador of good will. Can I be all three at the same time?

At the moment, I am a volunteer, student, business woman, and a good daughter. So far, so good :)

This blog has been through so much identity crises, domain changes, renaming pages, changing layouts every now and then. Sometimes, I delete too personal posts to keep it private; sometimes I want to delete the entire thing to reduce my online footprint. My name and face and probably a whole ton of info are out there! Though we know you can never really delete anything that’s been on the web. Unless you’re some genius who works for Google. Hey, I’d like to meet you!

This is me, semi-hoping to be anonymous, and semi-wanting for my existence to be validated. So, give me some love.

Here’s hoping it has finally found itself to last…

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