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Beauty, as they say, is skin deep. There is so much more to just being beautiful nowadays. As more and more skin care products and makeup become available to men and women alike worldwide, the race is on for companies to produce the better component.

We are no longer looking for products that make us look good, but also products that should feel good and not damage our skin in the long run. Given this dilemma, how do we find out which products are safe to use, and are sustainable?

Here are a few websites and apps you can download to check on your favorite brands:



HwaHae (Korean brands)

Think Dirty

While these websites and apps are not all-encompassing, it helps to double check each website for missing information. Until we find an app/site that has a review of all products, we’re okay with these 4.

Pretty sure you have tried to search an item or two. Did the search results confirm your knack of picking the right product? Or did it make you change your mind, and eventually some items in your regimen? Please share in the comments :)



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