In-flight Beauty Secrets

I think I’ve watched enough beauty shows on You Tube to put together this list that I wish to share. I’ve taken these tips to heart and religiously do it even on short-distance flights. So far, they’ve shown me pleasant results and I’m going to keep doing it even if I get awkward stares from strangers in-flight and let them watch how I stay looking fresh when the plane lands.

Most of the items below deal with moisturizing the skin. This is because at a high altitude, air gets thinner. While cabin pressure adjusts to keep levels normal, the air inside the cabin is basically recycled and dries our skin.

  1. facial mist – Kpop idols, particularly SNSD’s Jessica swears (0:39) by this. She sprays into the air to ensure that the air around her is humid. I just spray it on my face when I feel tired. Instantly refreshed!
  2. sheet masks – Slap one on when the plane is on it’s final descent. By touchdown, it will be ready to be removed. And your face will be glowing!
  3. moisturizer – Sheet masks instructions say you have to keep them for 15-20 minutes. While I leave it until it dries, I can’t leave it for 4 hours. I don’t want to scare kids with the mask on as I make my way to the toilet. Slather moisturizer on your face the moment you step inside the plane, massage your lymph nodes to flush out bodily wastes, and get ready for your beauty sleep.
  4. compression socks – Sitting inside the airplane for a long time is known to cause clots in the legs. Compression socks help improve blood circulation and relieve tired, aching legs. Seems like the best in-flight spa after lugging around your bags through the airport.

  5. body lotion – If you try to scratch yourself and see a white streak, your skin is dry. Healthy skin should be moist and supple. Ideally, you should have done this after taking a bath, to seal in the moisture. And before leaving the house. But we can’t help it if external factors cause our lotions to dry out. So apply, and reapply as needed. You’ve got nothing to lose!
  6. lip balm – Chapped lips can’t be hidden by lipstick. Rest your lips from strong colors and let it revel in luscious soothing and moisturizing balm. Your puckers will be lipstick ready once you disembark the plane!

    Source: Huffington Post
  7. water – Taking care of your epidermis is half the battle. You have to hydrate yourself as well. Make sure to drink lots of water in-flight. If you’re worried about frequent trips to the loo, request to be seated by the aisle.

Does this work? Yes! Recently I’ve been on a flight from Bangkok to Manila. That night, we slept at 12 midnight and woke up at 5am. I left for the airport with no makeup on – just basic skin care and did my usual in-flight beauty routine.

Our delayed flight arrived past 3pm and when I got home, I had to unpack and pack my stuff for another flight at 4am. I got no sleep, took no baths, not even washed my face. I landed at my final destination at past 5am and had to attend to guests the entire day because of an event. Still had no time for a bath (day 2 already, eeww I know) or makeup, but I looked fresh and matte all day. Granted, it was a rainy day and I had no sun exposure. Still, going that long without bothering with my face normally won’t guarantee an oil free look.

TRUE STORY. Only then I realized how much my skin care routines really helped me. If my skin was tired and dehydrated, and I slathered on makeup to make myself look good, I would be risking stressing out my skin more. It’s good to give your skin some breathing space between regularly applying makeup.

Focus on keeping yourself hydrated and your skin moisturized. You won’t need to conceal your dark circles cause there won’t be any.



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