12 Carry-on Items for Long-haul Flights

Most airline cabins are limited to 7 kilos of baggage allowance. If you’re lucky, some carriers or upgrades allow up to 10 kilos. But 7 kilos is the standard for many, including budget airlines. Besides, 7 kilos is light enough to be lugged around. This list will keep you always ready for the unexpected. You’ll wonder how you were able to survive flights without it.

  1. PASSPORT + PHOTOCOPY OF BIO PAGE – It’s a no-brainer that you should have your passports with you. If possible, keep it in a body bag and never let it leave your sight. Nothing ruins a holiday like being held at the immigration of a foreign country! Have your passport’s bio page and visas photocopied along with your flight and hotel reservations. Keep a set in each of your bags. In case one bag gets lost, you’ll be helping a good soul find you easily. The passport copy also speeds up the process of getting a new one in case your passport is stolen or lost.12 items for long-haul flights 11
  2. MEDICINES – for nausea and for constipation. Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and movements on the plane may cause you to get motion sickness. Save yourself from a mess by preparing before-hand. Also, certain foods may cause bloating and constipation during your flight. Have a look at this link to see what foods to avoid before a flight.12 items for long-haul flights 10
  3. EYE MASK + EAR PLUGS – these usually come as a set and given for free on long haul flights, but in-case you want to catch some Zzzs during your 2-hour domestic flight, these are godsend items. You’ll never know when you’ll have a cute little baby wailing all throughout your flight, or an energetic group of youngsters disturbing your beauty rest.12 items for long-haul flights 9
  4. WALLET (with foreign and local currencies) – Always have both. Try to change your money for your destination before you go to the airport. Currency exchange at the airport of arrival is more expensive than in your home base. If the currency you need is unavailable, convert your local money to USD, EUR, or GBP these currencies are readily available for exchange at any destination.
  5. PEN – Be ready to fill out your customs/health/immigration card with a pen on-hand and sashay down that hall while others fumble for pens or take turns borrowing from other people.

    12 items for long-haul flights 6
    2 compartments for foreign/local currencies!
  6. TRAVEL ADAPTER – During delays, or long layovers, a travel adapter is a nifty thing to have your mobile (or other gadgets) powered up all throughout your trip. It is best to get an adapter reminiscent of Optimus Prime so you can use it in all countries without the need to buy different prongs for various socket types. Also, find one with a USB power output so you won’t have to carry the plugs of your small devices.

    12 items for long-haul flights 1
    Comes with 2 USB outputs so you can leave the adapters at home!
  7. POWER BANK – never get caught up without enough juice to power your personal entertainment module and your smartphone. Flight delays really suck when you have nothing to twiddle your thumbs on. How about something that is at least 12000mAh- enough for about 3 full charges of your smartphone.12 items for long-haul flights 8
  8. ANTI-BACTERIAL WIPES – in the absence of a good personal hygiene facility or when you’re in doubt of the seat you’re assigned to. Or to wipe of the wine that spilled on your handsome seatmate’s shirt (flirting tip # 2432526).
  9. TOOTHBRUSH + TOOTHPASTE – You may be anti-social or extremely shy like me, but sooner or later you have to talk to your seatmate either so you can go to the loo or just small talk. And breaths get really bad when you don’t speak for a long time.

    Do get a travel-sized toothpaste!
  10. A FRESH PAIR OF SOCKS – It gets really cold in the cabin, so a warm layer of socks is an added welcome. This is also applicable to #11 below. Some airlines will have this together with the items on #3.
  11. A SET OF CHANGING CLOTHES – or at least underwear and a t-shirt. You never know when  your flight gets delayed or cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions or when your luggage doesn’t show up at the luggage claim carousel.patsy6992
  12. INFLATABLE NECK PILLOW – Yes, it has to be inflatable. You don’t want the bulk of it occupying your already-packed carry-on bag. Some airlines have this headrest which you can fold inwards to guard your sleepy head from falling on your seatmate’s shoulder (unless, that’s your flirting goal, go ahead). Even with that, it’s best to have maximum comfort during a flight with a neck pillow.12 items for long-haul flights 4

With these, you’ll be all set for that next long-haul flight! Have a happy and comfortable trip~



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