Applying for Irish Visa

It is important to note that the Republic of Ireland has no embassy in the Philippines. The nearest embassy is based in Singapore. We do have a Consulate in Makati where all applications are to be submitted to. The Consulate of Ireland will be the one to forward the applications to the Embassy in Singapore.

To start, check out the process and requirements here.

The Consulate General of Ireland is at 3F Max’s Bldg. 70 Jupiter St, Bel-Air 1, Makati City. Opening hours at 08:00 – 15:00, Monday to Friday (by appointment only).


Note that the application is made online through INIS website. However the online application summary and its supporting documents must be sent by courier or in person to the Consulate General of Ireland. Each online application will be given a unique Transaction Record Number which allows you to save and retrieve your form to continue filling out when you have the time, and edit before submitting your final application. This code will be valid for a limited time only.

According to the consulate, if you encountered problems in your supporting documents and have to delay or extend you application date, you can freely create another application online. Make sure your documents and envelope reflect the most recent online application you have created so the consulate can trace to your correct file in the database. This I have personally experienced, so don’t worry if you have to create a new one. It does not affect your application any way.

How to Send Your Supporting Documents

Personal appearance is not required to submit your documents. All you have to do is send a long envelope containing all your necessary documents and the corresponding payment in the form of a Manager’s Check. Personal checks are not accepted. Send your documents via LBC and make sure to include a prepaid LBC for the return of your passport.

In the event that your documents are lacking, your documents will be returned to you through your prepaid LBC pack with a checklist of necessary documents that is not posted in their website.

I’ve taken the liberty to scan the steps and checklist I received for you to download :) You are welcome.

Checking on Your Application

Given that you have sent your documents through LBC, you should be able to check the tracking number if your documents have been received. Call the Consulate to confirm the receipt of your documents after 1-3 days so you may also inquire if the documents you submitted satisfies their requirement or if you need  to send supplementary files.

Note that the person on the other line is busy attending to multiple applications. So have your spiel ready with questions you need to ask.

Processing Times

You should apply for your visa at least 9 weeks before your departure. The website does indicate that processing is only for 8 weeks however, given that we do not have a local embassy to process our documents, the extra week allots enough time for delivery delays due to inclement weather conditions.

For those with valid UK visas, processing time is shortened to 6 weeks instead of 8. Just make sure to include the passport with your valid UK visa.

Unfortunately, there is no rush process, all applications undergo the 2-month processing time.


A decision on your application will be made within 10 days. As for me, I received my passport back 8 days after the 6-week processing period. On your first application, you can only apply for the Single Entry visa. Try for the Multiple Entry when you have a previous Irish visa.


Important note: If you plan on travelling around Europe, you will need a separate Irish Visa, Schengen Visa, and UK Visa. Although they are all part of the European Union, they require separate visas. Also, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, not the Republic of Ireland as its name suggests.



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