One Ok Rock 2016

JANUARY 19, 2016 MANILA – OHMYGOOOOODDDD! I can’t believe this day came. A Japanese rock band finally had a solo concert in Manila. Not a special appearance in a con, but a full-blown concert in SM Mall of Asia’s Arena!

Guess who were excited?


Every J-rocker is of course. Just look at that line – somewhere there’s a line snaking around every possible inch outside the doors! Thank you Mikan~ for keeping the line for us <3 <3 my turn next time okay!

The doors open at 6pm and the concert starts at 8pm, yet people were lining up since dawn! I would’ve opted for the 10k worth VIP ticket with meet and greet, but the 50 allocations ran out as soon as they were announced for sale. So I got the next best thing, a 5k worth VIP standing ticket. I can’t imagine how I managed to stand for hours outside the arena and a couple more during the concert – probably half a day standing! But all the pain in my legs went away when the stage lighted up for their first song.


I have to apologize for being a bad fan, I couldn’t help but sneak a photo once in a while. Especially since they’re this close to me! Ahhhhh~ Well, I didn’t take a video so I guess I didn’t really bother people behind me so much. No? Okay, sorry really. Next time, I’ll behave.

one ok rock live in manila 6

Just how Taka could run around the stage and still belt high notes so perfectly is a mystery. And that’s part of what makes One Ok Rock an awesome band. Not only are their lyrics poetic and beautiful, they are sung by one of the most beautiful male voices I have ever heard.

Oh yes, you came here for the photos. I’m so happy with my Note 5. Clearly my biases are Taka x Toru :)

one ok rock live in manila 7

one ok rock live in manila 8

one ok rock live in manila 9

one ok rock live in manila 4

Though rumors quickly spread following their Singapore leg that they will stop and cancel future concerts if fans were being rude about the no-photo/video policy, I’m relived that at the end they promised to come back. Maybe they were surprised by how well they were received in the Philippines when the crowd sang along to one of their older songs in Japanese! Surprise, surprise!

one ok rock live in manila 5

They did say they’ll come back next year. It means a new album should be expected soon right? Well, I don’t mind a concert of old albums. Until then, I shall save the number of PULP Royalty Butler on speed dial, and have at least 10k pesos ready for deposit! Save up for official merch too! Meanwhile, I’m looking for at least 5 inches platform shoes because everybody else is tall.




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