Bestie Trip to Real, Quezon

I have been feeling so down lately. Post-breakup, unrequited love, and a whirlwind of small yet tiring acting gigs, I was just dying to jump into the water and recharge. In times of sadness, the best cure is a friend and the sea…

Straight from a volunteering stint in Zambales with World Vision Philippines, I headed back to Manila to pack my things for a 2d1n trip to Real, Quezon. It was both our first time to try the surf on this side of the north. While the beach park we went to wasn’t as fine as we expected, we both had a wonderful time.

We met local surfers and travelers alike, tried some sort of extremely fishy chicharon, blasted music inside our mini tent, and ate some more. By night, we had some drinks (as usual I went for Chuckie instead of alcohol), some warm cup noodles, and talked about life over the sounds of our new friend’s guitar.

What a laid back way of unwinding. Nothing beats having the sea and your best friend in it. Did this cure my heartbreak? No. No amount of traveling will heal a broken heart unless it has been replaced during your travels. What it does is to make you forget your sorrows a bit, and then increase it tenfold when you think you could’ve spent this moment with that special person.

What is also does, is make you realize that the world is bigger than your petty heartache and there are more things in life to be happy about. The choice is up to you to decide if you want to wallow in your sorrow, or enjoy what life has to offer.

Maybe I should have gone to Sagada, where all broken hearts go?

P.S. Thank you M.Solis for lending us your tent :)




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