Hail Hydra!

It’s the Christmas season again and everyone’s on their toes trying to find the perfect gift. One that’s usable, non-cliche, and will be appreciated by the receiver. Price aside, it’s already a challenge enough finding that perfect gift. Harder if this gift giving routine has been going on for years and about 3x a year: birthday, anniversary, Christmas!

Here’s my gift to myself and to my boyfriend.

Something about the shade of blue and the black lines on the sleeves reminded us of Agent Maria Hill from the Marvels Cinematic Universe (played by Cobie Smulders).  If leather jackets and plug suits were a daily thing here in this tropical country, I won’t hesitate having one. It’d be super cool. I’ve always wanted to play a tough girl and Agents Maria Hill, Melinda May, and the Black Widow are just some of my inspirations.


We’ve had many couple shirts (Mogu Mogu, Little Mermaid, Pigs) and this by far is the coolest. We have more plans on themes like MARVELS THE FLASH and the Japanese TV series BLOODY MONDAY which will be saved for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Cost of printing: any image on A4 size (matte metallic paper) P150.00 + service charge P50.00.

“You know what’s best. What’s best is you comply. Compliance will be rewarded. Are you ready to comply?”




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