Grey is My Favorite Color


Grey is my favorite color along with various shades of blue green and pastels. I’ve had my phase of orange, brown, and black addiction. But in college, I learned about minimalism and appreciated how everything looks good with white or black or grey. Suddenly my closet slowly filled with grey items from dresses to shoes.

Fashion wasn’t as important to me as a good cut of raw salmon but I also want to look fashionable. College life is tough enough without having to be a probinsyana sticking out. I just want to blend in and not get noticed for the wrong reasons. Ayy! The pressure of social standards.

I believe grey is beauty in simplicity. It is such a flexible color which you can pair with anything without looking over the top. This goes well for fashion and even interior design.

When I was in high school, my mom subscribed to My Home magazine. I loved reading the DIY section and looking at photos of beautiful interiors and multipurpose furniture. It’s a wonder why I didn’t take Interior Design in college. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I never believed myself to be artistic or tasteful enough. Dios mio! So much self-doubt!

Additionaly, for a college student on a budget, I couldn’t spend on printed or colorful pieces of clothing only to have trouble finding another piece to wear it with. Only people who have the confidence to wear mismatched clothing can look good in mismatched clothing. I don’t have that confidence so I veered away and played it safe with neutrals.

During last night’s workshop, I expressed to my peers that I really like the color grey. I do. I really do. I’m attracted like bee to honey whenever I see grey in the department store or on anyone.

Coupled with this morning’s small discussion with my carpenter on how grey I want the wall stripes to be, I had a sudden realization. Grey became my safety blanket. It was my comfort zone. It limited me to explore and play with other colors. I knew that I appreciated how other interiors looked great with navy blue stripes or even teal. I couldn’t even decide which shade of grey I want. It is not about liking a particular color, but being afraid that the chosen color could lead to mistakes and regrets. Afraid of making mistakes and disappointing someone – such is the way I grew up to be.

I’m sure there’s a deeper psychological reason for this somewhere. I won’t delve on it… for now. But I think I already found the reason why after having my first-go at an emotional diary exercise last night.

Let’s take this slow. For now, I am glad that I learned something new about myself. Nevertheless, grey is still my favorite color.

P.S. Why is there carpentry work at my house? Ah yes, I moved to a new place last October. My parents left it up to me to decide the layout and interior design with their approval of course. I did it with The Sims 4. Such a blast! When it is over, I’ll share before and after photos of my new home.



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