What’s In My Bag?


This bag has been with me for more than 3 years I think. I love how it can go from day to night. Plus it’s very roomy without the bulk! Today, I’m in the mood to share the contents of my go-to bag so here we go…


  1. Samsung Extra Battery & Charger
  2. earphones
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4



  1. pen and pencil
  2. Transcend 32gb OTG drive – This device makes it very easy to transfer files from your mobile phone to any computer. Plus it works as additional storage for TV series which you may want to watch when you’re on the road.
  3. card holder
  4. wallet – I used to carry a big one where I could stash everything but it was heavy so I resorted to this mini wallet.
  5. fan
  6. umbrella – It’s not just for the rain. I’ve become very conscious recently on how UV rays affect our skin. The darker shade, the higher protection!
  7. mini notebook – When you need to draw some things and jot down random ideas… I really want to upgrade my S4 to Note4 already!


  1. extra elastic -You never know when the one you’re wearing will give up on you.
  2. baby powder – When you’re having a very hot day, a baby powder can instantly freshen you up. It also magically adds volume to your hair!
  3. facial mist – Again, the recent consciousness on how we should maintain skin hydration…
  4. hand and body lotion – And again, the moisturizing the skin…



  1. sunglasses and eyeglasses! – I am nearsighted and very sensitive to light. Ugh, my poor eyes.



Inside my kikay kit are the following:

  1. tissues and wet wipes
  2. comb
  3. oil blotter
  4. alcohol
  5. compact powder
  6. hair cuticle – After adding powder to the roots of your hair, follow up with this to recover shine.
  7. eye drops – because I have poor sensitive eyes.
  8. lip balm



And finally, some assortment of items…

  1. mints
  2. house and mailbox keys
  3. LED flashlight – Please don’t judge, the bottle opener side is purely coincidental. My non-drinking father gave this to me. And I don’t drink either.
  4. Swiss knife – I’d say girl scout material, or just paranoid. Instantly boosts courage when walking alone on a dark alley.
  5. tape measure – I just moved to a new place so I need to measure everything I purchase to make sure it all fits.
  6. bottle of water – I’m really trying to have good skin by keeping hydrated. Bonus: It helps you slim down. Add lemon slices and honey for cleansing benefits.


On certain days, it will contain an extra shirt and face towel for when I attend my dance classes. Sometimes, you’ll see my French books and 가야금 (Gayageum) sheet music :) Oh yes, most of my items are blue or green.






Wanderlust, choco-addict, tea-lover, strawberry-monster, camera-wielding, dancing creature of the sea.


  1. We have the same bag though mine’s in black. My old brown one gave up after 4 years! Gaaaaah! I can’t even start on how much I love the bag. Can totally relate when you said “Plus it’s very roomy without the bulk!” My bag can even withstand the chaos of my nursing stuff packed into it to the brim! :)

    1. Even if we’re OC about organization and cleanliness, sometimes we can’t help but throw everything in the bag and just bolt to the door!

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