Hello WordPress~

Today I am officially on WordPress.org – a platform I have given a lot of thought of before jumping in. I have been blogging for more than 3 years on Tumblr and that space has undergone a lot of changes from domain names to layouts. In my search of a layout coder, I found someone who advised me to self-host and move my blog.

It is a big decision for me as I will lose all the comments made via disqus and the tags vs categories will be messed up. However, I want to blog more properly and include high resolution photos. My final layout design is in the works of the same person. For now, I have chosen a similar layout. My main goal is to have a wide content space for my photos.

I don’t know much about self-hosting. This is all new to me. Thankfully, Deann helped me transfer my domain to this host. I have loads of backlog posts from 2013. I have been so consumed by work that 2013 saw the least update in my Tumblr blog. This 2014, I resigned from my job and started towards a new career path – a future that is a big risk to me. When I have caught up on my backlogs, I will post about this new career path; although my friends on Facebook already knew about it.

I feel like  have to write about it and reflect properly. I find it interesting to read my reflections from years ago in my blog and comparing myself to that past self. As much as I maintain this blog for the world to see, I also keep this online space as a journal of my journey, even if it is embarrassingly poor in content.

I shall strive to write better and post more regularly – although the latter would be quite a challenge to me. All visitor statistics will be reset and it’s quite a pity. C’est la vie! Wish me luck and welcome to my new home on the web!




Wanderlust, choco-addict, tea-lover, strawberry-monster, camera-wielding, dancing creature of the sea.


  1. I am trying to locate the “follow” button in my WordPress mobile app but couldn’t find it. Hahaha naka-follow na na ako? ><

    1. Hi Ate Sid! There wasn’t a follow button before. Also, I am on self-hosted WordPress.org so the Follow button for WordPress Reader does not show (it is available only for WordPress.com sites). You can either manually add the blog URL to your list so that it will show on your WordPress Reader (works like getting RSS feeds from non-Wordpress.com blogs) or subscribe via e-mail :(

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