Travel Factor: Summer Siren 2014


April 5, 2014 – I have decided to quit my job and discover my other potentials. Immediately following my last day at work, I started doing theater workshops at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, organized by the resident theater company, Tanghalang Pilipino (more about this in my next post…). Less than a week after quitting my job, I was back on the beach, partying, and meeting new friends courtesy of Aiza (from the previous Nature Girl photoshoot). So far, I am having the best week of the year!  


Summer Siren is organized by Travel Factor for the 2nd year already. Check out the official video!


I got free tickets for the summer’s hottest beach and EDM party! Live music from the country’s hottest DJs, yoga by the beach, the vibe everywhere was just great. Although there were moments where I was ‘kidnapped’ from the water by this group of lesbians. I don’t hate the LGBT community, I just hate anyone who is drunk. My social skills were poor, I couldn’t get away from them. Note to self: don’t swim alone. 

patsyuu-1425Luckily, I was with a group of guys – my new friends through Aiza. I’m under some sort of social skills training and they are helping me. Being with the guys meant “off limits” to those lesbians, though it also gave that message to potential hotties in the area. LOL Okay, I’m not looking for a relationship as I have a good one already <3 I just hoped I could learn to make more friends.

patsyuu-1363Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough. While everyone drank alcoholic drinks, I drank Nestle Chuckie as if I was sponsored to endorse it to a crowd of yuppies. I would be glad to if they did! So, one of the obstacles of being social was my distaste of alcoholic beverages.


But really, who needs to get drunk when the music and dancing is electrifying? We’ll be running wild and freeee-heee-heeee-heeee!

patsyuu-1260Fire dance. Dancing with fire. Dancer on fire. Fiery dancer. Hot, yeah? Sizzle sizzle…




These were my kind companions. Even I was surprised that I could make friends with people of different ages. In our group, I am the youngest, and the oldest would be about my dad’s age. Surprise! Surprise! Social Skills Level 2, Make Friends: UNLOCKED!



Sunset at Crystal Beach, Zambales was pretty. But the next day, we checked out the other side for white caps so they can go kiteboarding some more.




Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a beachy-year full of adventures…



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