Gie: Wanderlust

patsy-0641-wanderlustMarch 16, 2014 –  Following the still hot passion in photography that’s been recently revived, here’s another colleague feature! Meet Gie dela Cruz, Korean Cultural Center’s librarian and 막내 (maknae, youngest). At the office, Gie is the one whose desk is the farthest from the Admin Office. Her domain being the perpetually cold library that we call Jeju Island. I’d say these photos would be her rebirth(?) as a girly girl since she often dresses down in jeans, flats, and blue green blouses with matching black blazer. She often has her hair in a lazy low pony and her beautiful face hidden by her blue green eyeglasses.


Perhaps just like me, she is too lazy to care about superficial things such as fashion. Although I found out that she likes makeup :) Not that she needs it to appeal to the opposite sex – she is in a relationship (sorry boys!). Our soft-spoken maknae is a big fan of CNBLUE and LEE Min-ho. But when she talks about her biases, that soft-spoken image is replaced by a loud girl reminiscent of a teenage girl meeting boys for the first time.


At lunch, her appetite rivals that of Linh and Aiza. How these girls stay slim after all that food, I don’t know. Maybe the calories are converted into this pleasing aura that surrounds them instantly making people like them.


As a librarian, Gie is NOT the silent type. She bursts into corny jokes and takes a while before she gets the humor or any point of what we’re discussing during lunch. Her innocence, which I find quite funny, is pure innocence coupled with sheer curiosity of the adult stuff.


But don’t be fooled by her calm demeanor. Her smarts and charm will keep any man on his toes.


Without her glasses, she reminds me period dramas like Downton Abbey and any film that has Keira Knightley wearing ball gowns. This is my kind of beautiful. Gorgeous and womanly in every angle. Choosing the shortlist of photos was hard because she looked great in everything. The only filter applied to my selection is due to blurred shots or bad composition. Even a beautiful girl couldn’t compensate for lack of photography skills.





Wanderlust, choco-addict, tea-lover, strawberry-monster, camera-wielding, dancing creature of the sea.

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