Linh: Sunday Girl

Sometime in February 2014, work and the stress of commuting got the best of me that I let dust gather on my camera which sits in the darkness of my room. The previous shoot with Aiza went well starting anew with shooting once more. This time I decided to feature another co-worker, Linh, who is in charge of Events at the Korean Cultural Center.

patsy-0032I have never seen a more devoted Kim Jae-joong (DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ) fan than her. Albeit, her recent Tom Hiddleston fandom swept her office cubicle like a strom – literally. There were plenty Hiddleston photos and quotes of the guy more than a typical Pinoy family has certificates and graduation pics hanged on the wall.

patsy-0004While the topic of her ultimate love (Jae-joong) could get her talking for hours without end, there is more to this pretty girl than just her deep fandom. As the eldest in a multicultural family (Filipino-Vietnamese), she is independent and mature. Sometimes, I feel that she is more mature even when I am older than her by a few months.

patsy-0391Linh, a registered nurse and a thespian, spontaneously bursts into songs from musicals during our break time especially when we’re doing our OTs and the bosses have long gone home. She is one of the people who persuaded me to try theater acting.

If you take a look at her Facebook profile, you’ll see photos uploaded almost everyday. She is often surrounded by friends and family in events and everyday scenarios. I had to edit some photos as soon as I got home because I took up her entire day and there should be photos for proof that it happened :)

patsy-0397As this mini-shoot went on, you realize how much more beautiful she is. The way she wolfs down her big bowl of spicy noodles in her white demure OOTD and talks about what we should eat after the shoot as she spoons another serving in her mouth. Her passion for food eating is another story!

patsy-9932So we did our sneaky little shoot at without permission at all. Sneaky. Sneaky. Sneaky on a Sunday morning. There was little to none around so I was comfortable that we weren’t disturbing anyone’s mealtime. We managed a few good shots before we were told off by the owner/manager(?) until we confirmed that we weren’t shooting for any commercial product or magazine at all – just casual Facebook photos and of course, my blog~ hohoho




patsy-9877Who could resist? The interior is lovely and the food is wonderful. I could stay here all day sipping that choco shake while reading a romance novel.


patsy-0202We wandered around High Street in the afternoon and suddenly, a mirror selfie.

patsy-0335Our friend Jade joined us for gelato in the afternoon and as we were people-watching, our Korean office mate passed by with her adorable cat, Sundae (not the sweet treat, but the Korean blood sausage). As to why the white kitty was named such, we never knew.



patsy-0441The day ended with a film screening at the park courtesy of the Great British Festival setup by the British Embassy. Notting Hill plus friends lying on the cool grass under the night sky while I take my turn to fill up my tummy with crunchy chicken wings make up the perfect way to end a long day.



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