Aiza: Gadis Sifat, Nature Girl


This is Aiza, my colleague at the Korean Cultural Center. I have to emphasize that she likes to EAT A LOT but she never gains a pound. She is tall and slim with a charming personality that just reels you in – I envy this trait of hers. It’s hard not be friends with her within the minute of your conversation. She loves to travel and has begun writing about her trips in her blog. That is one big thing we have in common. 


It has been a while since I last held my camera for a concept shoot. I missed the rush of trying to capture the subject during the golden hour and the editing process trying to find the best compression for posting photos on Facebook.



I thank God I have a friend I met on DeviantArt a long time ago. His photos were always so beautiful and sharp. His perspectives can make even the most boring road sign or clump of twigs look artsy. And the details were still there and not pixelated at all. The neatness of the jpeg compression allows you to see the beauty of his shots minus the loading time usually equivalent to high quality photos.


Now that I’ve found the secret to his post-processing for Facebook technique. I’m excited to shoot more! Download the Photoshop action here and if you use it, don’t forget to thank my French-speaking friend, Yannick Khong :)


February 2, 2014 at Ninoy Aquino Parks & Wildlife Center



Wanderlust, choco-addict, tea-lover, strawberry-monster, camera-wielding, dancing creature of the sea.


  1. shall we do this again? (*puffy eyes, puss face) :D hahaha

    1. Of course! Ready for next year! I think we need a better waterproof cam.

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