MAD: The Meg and Dia Experience

January 21, 2014 – Mad crazy. That’s how I felt when I missed the RED album tour of Dia Frampton last year. My joy was unimaginable when they announced another tour in Hard Rock Cafe Manila, this time with Meg Frampton and Carlo Gimenez. This could only mean that songs from their Meg & Dia days will definitely be performed. Not that I dislike Dia’s solo music career. But Meg & Dia was the anthem of my late high school to early college days. [all photos taken via S4]


Funny how I learned of the indie bandMeg & Dia. My best friend’s debut was coming up and I needed to find a waltz for her cotillion. As I searched my torrent program for any waltz, one of the results was ‘Strawberry Waltz’. I figured it was a nice sounding title so I downloaded the music. When I heard it for the first time, I wasn’t disappointed that it wasn’t a waltz. In fact, I was in a trance. The music was on repeat the entire day until I memorized the lyrics that didn’t make sense to me.


Fast forward to advances in internet technology, I was able to listen to all of their albums. In fact, I have all the albums and demo files that they put up on the internet. Cover songs and performances were bookmarked. I just loved their music.



When Dia joined The Voice, I was one of those who were sad that it could lead to Meg&Dia’s breakup and that my love for their music won’t be a unique item in my world. I didn’t want them to go mainstream and change their musical style. At the same time, I wanted people to like their music.


Going back to the present, I sat there, thankful that I already ate during the opening act of some teeny-bopper guy, or else I would’ve fainted from the sight of my idols. Sharing the moment with me, was another Meg&Dia fan – my boyfriend. It was one of those “OMG, you too?!” moments when I shared my Meg&Dia music with him.

Pic or it didn’t happen? Yes, it definitely did!

Dia, ever charming, still sings barefooted like she did in music festivals when they were still starting out. Watching them perform, you could sense sincerity in the music they make. God, I wanted to break down in tears when they started singing old songs. I loved this small setup at Hard Rock Cafe. I could almost touch them – they were a couple of meters away from me. This was totally worth it.



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