Seoul (October 2013)

While I dillydally the editing of my Seoul photos, I did this short video of the stuff I filmed. And then I forgot that I made this video until I forgot that I had to post the Seoul photos and blog about my itinerary. I’ve been forgetting and putting off so many posts already. Hopefully this week I can do the Seoul blog post. For now, enjoy this video~ Watch in 720p!

Tip: For travel videos, just use an auto focus wide angle camera. That way, you can enjoy the entire scenery and not through your camera’s lens the whole time. It gives you less time fumbling with the zoom and focus ring. And use a tripod/monopod if possible. Experience is but a sad teacher.

P.S. I love my new CS6. It makes exporting easier. I don’t know a thing about codecs and stuff and my old video exports result to a very sloooow export (3-4 hours for a 3-5min video!), huge file size (300mb wtf!) and quality damages (like watching at 240p). Now it becomes easy as CS6 can export it in the same settings as the original video. Not sure though if this feature was available in CS5 but I guess not, else I would have done it before.

No, I am not paid to advertise CS6. I can only wish.



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