Dreams Don’t Die


Last week, I had the privilege to be the photographer for my friend’s new musical group – Triple D: Dreams Don’t Die. Normally, during the hype of Wondergirls’ Nobody, I’d shun kpop cover groups because they invaded Japanese culture cosplay cons. And many groups did it to be popular – period. 

This friend of mine, created a group not just to be popular but to propel his dreams on a larger scale. At 20+ his dreams aren’t dead. This person’s philosophy just touched me – whose dreams of being a performer have died from the constant disapproval of parents that I am too old to be ‘discovered’ and the fact that the entertainment world won’t accept a person with below-standard appeal like me. 


My friend begun his dream when he was in Japan. And while he was there, we often talked via Facebook about our dreams. I was always putting myself down yet he told me to keep dreaming no matter how impossible it may seem. 

I don’t know if our dreams will get us somewhere someday, but when you talk to this person, you’d feel that there is nothing impossible. It’s like going back to kindergarten when you thought that being an astronaut was as easy as learning how to write ABC. 

It is amazing how passionate and positive he is – it’s just contagious. So here I am supporting his dream and riding on his tidal wave of positivism hoping to be swept along with it. 

Through him I met a new friend who is musically gifted beyond words. Soon, we will be releasing the photos of the rest of the members along with a music video of the first recording – supervised by me :) 

My role in the group is that of a co-producer by the way. But who knows if they get to fire up my dreams again and I might as well share a recording with them too.

Like our page and keep your dreams alive!



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