Lovely me:ex Time!

Bored of your same everyday look? Cheer up because TheFaceShop just launched its latest products from the Lovely Me:ex line. More eye shadows, liners, lip glosses, and more that will surely keep you busy experimenting a different look for any occasion.

The You & Eyes (Php245) are mono-eyeshadow palettes that come in 19 sparkling hues that glide over the eyes with a silky texture, for truly glowing peepers.

To make the eyes pop, line with the Make Me a Star Gel Eyeliner (Php355) – a perfect combination of gel and pencil that glides effortlessly and stays put with its waterproof texture.

To frame the eyes, groom those brows with the Design My Eyebrow (Php225) retractable eyebrow pencil. Its triangular-shaped lead ensures clean and defined brows everytime, while the Style My Eyebrow (Php150) eyebrow pencil can be used to create a more natural look.

To add color to the rest of the face, the You & Face (Php295) is a silky smooth cheek color that comes in different shades to be used as highlighter, contour or blush.

For a pop of vividness, the bestselling Pastel Cushion Blusher (Php445) can be buffed onto the cheeks with its powder puff.

For a truly fun way to shade the lips, the Love Mark Tint (Php495) is the first-ever stamp-type lip tint that you can directly stamp on your lips using a lip-shaped sponge.

For a lip tint that truly lasts, the Enamel Jelly Tint (Php355) is a high-gloss jelly-type lip tint that plumps your kisser. The water-based Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint (Php295), on the other hand, is a water-based tint to create a natural flush of bitten lips and pinched cheeks.

For a bolder impact, the range’s two glosses, the You Make Me Glam (Php225) and I Love Pure Color (Php295) delivers intense color for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

On the day of the launch, October 10, at Friday’s Glorietta, a select number of bloggers were invited to style the look of 6 ladies. 

Getting prepped by Miss Jaq.

TheFaceShop’s beauty experts.

Me and Miwha with blogger Nika of While Nika was instructing the make-up artist of the look she had in mind, I was nodding in approval of her choices. If I were the blogger with the mission, I’d do the same colorful eyes with big hair <3 ~mindfusion

As usual, another fun event especially since I got to see my fellow TFS Girls and discovering a commonality between Miwha and me ~Kpop&Jpop fandom!



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