Angels Are Out

As far as I can remember, my teenage style wasn’t even worthy to be called a style. It was downright laziness to dress up. And in the province where I grew up, elephant jeans were the cool stuff. My Ireland-based aunt would send boxes of M&S clothes but they didn’t fit me yet – both in style and in size. So my mom just kept them for ‘when I grow up’. 

Fast forward to the present, fashion-consciousness has penetrated to even what-I-thought-was-a-laid-back province of mine. Younger and younger kids are into the latest fashion. Of course this should not come as a shock anymore as information has become easily accessible with just a click. 

Catching up to the widening age shift in fashion, Marks & Spencer has launched the ANGEL line for teens. Women who enjoyed the universally flattering fit of blouses and trousers of Marks & Spencer can now share that experience to their fashionable young ladies. The ANGEL line is “a dreamy mix of easy-to-wear layers, pretty dresses and collegiate-style basics”. Now there’s just more than nibblers to purchase for myself on my next M&S trip with my mom! 

With so many brands catering to teenage fashion, the ANGEL collection breaks through with high quality and wearable designs. True to the brand I’ve come to know through balikbayan boxes, the selection is made with quality and timelessness in mind. It’s not just about what’s trendy but what is wearable after the trends go.

Honestly, my personal style is indefinite. I like fluffs and ruffles in pastel hues. I also like corsets and skinny jeans. But with my non-sexy face, it is hard to pull off that college graduate look. It puts me at a disadvantage when I want to be taken seriously. I’m sure there are others experiencing the opposite – a sexy face at a young age can be disadvantageous too. 

Fret not ladies, the ANGEL collection makes it easy to define that thin line between Britney Spears’ hit song, “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”. Perfect much? Dash to your nearest Marks & Spencer branch now!

Check out the latest from Marks & Spencer:



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