August Recap in Photos

I wonder which should I prioritize getting: my DSL connection back or an unlimited data plan for my mobile. 

The entire month of August literally flew by. I got back in Manila August 3 just in time for the last day of the World Food Expo. A week later, my dad came for the PALMM Philippines Expo and as usual I tagged a long. For the entire week that he stayed here, we lived our days inside malls walking all around until my back ached. I had to see a doctor to prescribe ultra-expensive medication.

I had no time to blog more like I didn’t like blogging halfheartedly when my internet connection is making me hate looking at my laptop. I took photos which were for instagram at least but again, even with date connection, it appears I can’t use the app (including FB, Twitter, YouTube, Google Play).

  1. bread display at the World Food Expo
  2. ramen lunch made for me by my oppa~
  3. egg-soaked buttered toast bread for brunch
  4. carbonara dinner made by oppa~

  1. Starbucks Chai Tea Latte which I added coffee art using my dad’s Cafe Mocha
  2. Nextorch LED flashlight (because I lost my old one, at least this has higher lumens)
  3. playing zombie with my tea’s foam

  1. With my college buddies Lara, Aven, and Carizza
  2. enormous LEGO display at MOA
  3. beef taco I made for home dinner with ~oppa <3
  4. first wrong-but-turned-artsy attempt at spray painting my cellphone case

My oppa and I went to Woo Ri Jib, a Korean buffet along Kalayaan Ave…

  1. spicy cucumber salad
  2. Dubu jjigae (tofu stew)
  3. braised baby potatoes
  4. samgyupsal

After which, we headed to SM North for desserts at Tous Les Jours. But my boyfriend hated the big crowd so we went back south to MOA thinking of catching a movie. Instead, we got our coffee jelly fix at Starbucks and talked about a lot of silly things…

  1. taught him the nursery rhyme and bear drawing “small circle, small circle, big circle… 6 times 6 equals 36” 
  2. macarons from Tous Les Jours
  3. with my cousins: Jazz and Margaret – I’m the oldest cousin and separated by a long 16 years from my first ever cousin (mother side). I may as well be my mom’s youngest sister since I’m just 5 years younger than their youngest. 

And that concludes my month recap. Should I get myself an unlidata plan? I’m not even sure if my apps will work because they seem not to. 



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