Makeup Artist Son Dae Shik in Manila for TheFaceShop

There are six things I want – three of which I MUST HAVE; and those are from TheFaceShop’s latest make-up line LESSON 01 by Son Dae Shik. The Korean super star look has never been this easy to achieve. 

What’s more, even though it is super easy to achieve the look thanks to the new LESSON 01 kits, TheFaceShop made went beyond expectations and brought to Manila Mr. Son Dae Shik himself to show us how easy it is to achieve that Korean super star look we all (or at least I) have been dying to achieve.

*I made a gif near the end of the post so read on~

Not familiar? Check out this article at Plus a clip from the show:

Need more convincing? Here you go…

August 17, 2012 at Trinoma Activity Center. That day couldn’t be more exciting for me. I met new friends (~Valerie!! ~Joy!!), animatedly discussed kpop and kdramas, and had lots of photos!

The lovely Miss Marge Apacible of TheFaceShop Philippines with our foreign guests.

TheFaceShop Philippines Top Girl Monalyn Luna shared her 3-day Korean experience with the other Top Girls and with hallyu stars Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Bo Reum!!


1. A good skin is the foundation of beauty. Moisturize your face before applying any make-up.

2. You may opt to apply a primer or bb cream for staying power. Then apply the FACE IT FLAWLESS FITTING FOUNDATION with the FACE IT CIRCLE FACE BRUSH.

“…packed with Shea butter and hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and also allow the formula to adhere to the face without any stickiness. The product disperses finely for even application and total smoothness.” (Php 1,195.00)

(Php 595.00)

3. Since the Philippine weather is generally warm and humid throughout the year, applying loose powder is a must to keep make-up from melting in the midday heat. Lightly dust the FACE IT FLAWLESS MINERAL COVER POWDER using the biggest brush from the FACE IT ARTIST BRUSH KIT all over the face and neck.

“To prevent from shine and darkening, the FACE It Flawless Mineral Cover Powder absorbs sebum to prevent makeup from caking or rubbing off. It also doesn’t darken upon contact with the skin, to ensure that your complexion stays looking fresh.” (Php 1,195.00)

(Php 1,195.00)

4. The FACE IT 1-TOUCH BLUSHER KIT gives you a beautiful glow and a barely there flush on the cheeks in one sweep! This light blush is crucial to achieving that kpop star look by using less pigmentation to have a natural glow.

“…offers sculpting in two swipes, with an ingenious fold-over brush, that sweeps across a peach-pink duo in one stroke, and when folded over, picks up highlighter to be touched ever so slightly on areas that are naturally hit with light.” (Php 995.00)

5. The FACE IT 4-MINUTE SMOKY EYE KIT contains 4 shades of eye shadow, applicators, a pencil eye liner, and a mascara. Line your top and bottom eyelashes with the pencil and create a smudge effect with the dark eye shadow.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions enclosed with the product, starting with rimming the eyes with liner and powder, topping with the golden khaki shade for dimension, and a highlighter shadow to blur the border.” (Php 1,495.00)

6. Fill your lids until the crease with the black eye shadow. In usual eye shadow applications, the lightest shade is applied first before the darker ones. But in this Smoky tutorial, we begin with the dark shades and finishing with the lightest one to highlight the browbone area.

7. Don’t forget your mascara! End the look with your choice of lip color but keep it on the nude to light pink side so you won’t look over the top with bold lips and eyes.

Mona approves!! :)

And an assortment of looks you can create with LESSON 01!

Of course, dear Mona looks best – fresh and flawless! Sorry ladies.

Say hello to my new friend Valerie!

Kyaaa! We’re beside the make-up artist to the stars!! He knows NARSHA~ oh dear indirect standing beside whichever hallyu star! haha

Valerie and I are readers of Kikay Trekkie. And here’s the gorgeous face (and body!) behind the successful beauty blog. I swear the photos in her blog don’t do justice – she is a LOT prettier in person! Read: glowing skin, soft flush on the cheeks, vavavoom body…ahh~ fangirl mode

Still looking for a way to have a photo together with at least more than just our heads visible… and failed. Suddenly, a pro photographer nearby saves the day!

Anong say mo sa mala-talk show set na itey? *high-five Val!*

Finally Mona comes into the store!~ She’s model-tall at 5feet7 and she kindly bent her knees a little upon request so we can have a mid-shot together with not just my head on the edge of the pic ~heee heee so sneaky!

~Valerie too!

Lucky Val! I wanted a wacky solo photo with him too but I guess I can only be that “close” when I become a hallyu star. As if~ Anyway I can always photoshop my head on Val’s body nyaa!

Nevertheless, I have a signed press kit! Me, Valerie, and Joy actually.

Interesting signature, yeah? I can read the “SON 손” and then it just goes _________ㄱ (for the letter ‘k’ in ‘SIK’).

And did the same for TFS Trinoma’s poster.

Hold your horses, let’s recap the steps!

Finally, the freebies…

Each person who attended went home with a Club 20 gift box. But Valerie, Joy, and I got extra for staying in the store until the press interviews finished. We’re supposed to have a one-on-one consultation but they were running late for their flight out… 찰가요!! Surprise! The other box had different samples inside!

Get exclusive invites with no purchase requirements to TheFaceShop events. It’s a great way to meet new people with the same interests. Visit any TFS store for your very own Club 20 membership card!

I sure glad I got mine. I wouldn’t have met Valerie if it weren’t for this event. Next time, I’m definitely going again!~



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