Mori/Kei/Fairy Teaser~

I did a small video shoot with my friends today. I am afraid the video quality won’t turn out as I imagined. When I reviewed the videos a while ago, they were kinda shaky ~ shaky hands. Let’s just call it art a learning experience for me.¬†

Anyhoo, let me share a few still shots…

I have to thank this wonderful theme for helping me out when I’m bored and needed to edit something. I really miss those video requirements in college and staying up all night until the morning of the class rendering~

Next post: the video!!

MUA: Janna Parel ~ Stylist: Rhea Bue ~ Models: Patricia Tan & Karen Grafia ~ Assist: CJ Castillo & Trisha Kue ~ Clothes & Accessories: models’ own & Cherry Plum Boutique



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