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My apologies for being away for so long. When my internet was cut, it was so hard to keep blogging I just lost the momentum. Anyway, nothing much happened. As usual I was on bum-pire mode: kain tulog lang

So as my peace offering, I’m posting eye candy. A couple of weeks ago, I went with Ian (http://www.iancartalaba.com/) and my boyfie to Greenbelt to snap photos of people who we thought were fashionable according to our tastes. Without further ado I present…

I like tall men wearing not so skinny jeans. And that dangerous look ~oh your pheromones are all over.

On a warm day, an oversize t-shirt can pass off as fashionable if paired with a good leather bag. 

I wonder which I liked more, his constant smiling face, his arms akimbo pose while walking, or the fact that he carried that bag without looking like a boring old business man. Even boyfie agrees that he looks nice and cool.

This outfit reminds me of my fave editor Daryl Chang of Preview. It is difficult to pull off outfits that exude a rock chic vibe. That neon clutch and head-worn bandana topped the look.

Simple yet funky. Who said colored pants are only for ladies? *Gee gee gee gee baby baby…* If you’re scared of looking like a rainbow when wearing colored pants, go for darker shades like this flattering wine red. Did I mention I like men in not so skinny jeans? Yes, just like this. Not the Jonas Brothers tights.

As they walked past, I can’t help but wonder what they were talking about. They were so animated, their laughter contagious. Such a lovely pair. Take your cue from our miss and wear minimal accessories when opting for a heavily printed maxi dress. Don’t go overboard, keep it simple.

I heard she hates Louis Vuitton stuff. Leopard print cardigan + floral print bottoms? Why not! Keep the print on print trend going.

The sweetest couple yet! In my other blurry-not-fit-for-posting photos, they were swinging their hands and the guy kept looking at the girl so lovingly. Ah young love~ Sadly, as we went around Greenbelt, we noticed that they got separated somehow and seemed to be having a hard time looking for each other. Aww I hope they were able to go home together.

It appears that instead of the outfit, I have focused on over-all looks for this set. But I argue that a smile or that icy stare or that loving look, completes your outfit.

And of course, Ian (http://www.iancartalaba.com/) The only mori guy I’ve seen in the Philippines. As a mori girl deep down, I feel happy when I see people embrace this kind of laidback, loose, and nature-inspired outfit. Sure his pants are not loose but you can’t expect him to wear a long skirt either. As for the exact defining style of mori clothing for men, I have no idea.

And here’s us. Thanks to Ian for patiently taking these photos. Most were blurry because I kept moving and dancing (Yes, even in the middle of Greenbelt). But it was a happy day ~ we only see each other once a week or so…

^ My current desktop wallpaper much to my father’s envy.. haha <3 For the curious, it says: ~saranghae, mogu oppa



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