The Face Shop – Clean Face Clear Away Spot Review

After two months of using products from TheFaceShop’s Clean Face line, my toner finally ran out leaving the Lotion still half full – more than half full actually. I’m surprised the Essence and Spot corrector still have contents!

I thought I can finally try the E’thym line for good since I was only able to use it for a week before I needed to try on the Clean Face line for an accurate review. Turns out, I still can’t graduate from acne-troubled skin. So the other day, my oppa and I visited TheFaceShop in MOA to get the new pore minimizing lotion for him and the E’thym toner (it was on sale, I can’t help it) plus a little guy I haven’t noticed before…

From my earlier post on TFS Clean Face line, I should’ve had an acne-free face now. But why did I need to purchase this Clear Away Spot? Remember the loot I got from Unilab? Yes the Celeteque ones. I wanted to exfoliate my face so I used their facial wash with beads. Undeniably, the whiteheads were gone and my face was a lot smoother and brighter but then I had a breakout the next day.

I wonder if this is the same reaction as my mom when she suddenly used Olay moisturizer when she ran out of her usual Etude Moistfull. Maybe we should really stick to a brand that works for our skin, yeah? 

So anyway, this was the worst breakout in my entire life. Around 5 pimples were concentrated on one area right below my lips and they bloated like crazy. No photos unless you wanna be grossed out. I can’t stand it either. I’m just happy my Skin Food concealer never fails me. 

Like always, I popped the zits when they seemed near the surface enough to fully rid of them from the roots and applied the Clean Face Spot Corrector. It stung but I knew it was gonna kill the bacteria and heal my troubled spot. But the zits were too strong. Sure, the more, the stronger! This went on for about a week and when a small area has healed, a bigger one comes to play. I couldn’t stand the thought of having that much (not to mention that big) of an ugly mark on my face so I spent Php 595.000 for that small bottle of Clear Away Spot which btw, is very identical to Etude’s AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot. 

Then I realized the reason why the Spot Corrector didn’t work as I expected. My expectations were wrong. The Spot Corrector is to clear pimple scars and other dark marks AFTER the acne troubles. No wonder during my review period, I found that it ‘healed’ my pimples without leaving any marks! Even old dark spots left by pricking pimples were gone when I applied it after the toner.

So what happened after I used the Clear Away Spot? I had it on overnight and as the powder solution dried, I felt the pimples underneath dry up too. It took around 3 days for complete healing until I no longer felt a bump on my skin. But I tell you it was really the worst case ever in my life – more than 5 pimples merged to form what looked like a pus and blood to me. It was painful to touch and the area was swollen. I had a smaller pimple by my nose which dried up overnight and was gone the next day.

As of press time, I no longer apply the Clear Away Spot. Instead, I use the Spot Corrector to heal the marks because I tried to pop the zits in vain. It feels like I have a big hole on my chin due to the sebum that dried up and gone bye bye. At Php 595.00 sure it’s costly, but the effect is worth it. Plus this could be the only bottle you’ll need in 2 years.

I apply this also on small bumps that I feel are threatening to become big zits and while some ‘dissolved’ from the inside, the more external ones dried up quickly and were easier to pop without so much pain and blood. It quickly covered up and healed with the Spot Corrector combo you wouldn’t know I had an acne problem there.

Long story, but it was a war well fought. I felt like a king trying to conquer a land trying out different strategies. I know you shouldn’t pop your pimple but I can’t help it. I just love to have it off my face as soon as possible. My problem is that it leaves scars but that’s a problem now easily solved. I finally found the perfect combo to zit-popping activities thanks to The Face Shop’s Clean Face Clear Away Spot :)



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