A Girl’s Gotta Do…

It’s rainy season again and typhoon Butchoy is forecasted to make a landfall this weekend. Even as I type this, the wind is howling so strongly. Maybe because I’m less than a kilometer from the bay. Normally, I wouldn’t believe the PAGASA forecast. I mean, hello… it’s PAGASA. But having witnessed Ondoy first hand and after seeing the disaster Pedring left my 16th floor unit in a mess of puddles and debris, I think there’ be nothing to lose if I prepare for the coming typhoon.

So what should a girl do?


  • Prepare a first aid kit: band aid, paracetamol, alcohol…
  • Stock up on easy to cook/no-cook food like canned tuna and bread.
  • Set aside at least 5 gallons of drinking water. This is enough to last two persons for a week. 
  • Have a flashlight and spare batteries ready. If you’re going out to buy, get the LED type. They consume less battery and don’t get hot easily. If you can find one, get the water proof type for only 150pesos. If you find a Faraday flashlight (shake flashlight), that would be awesome.
  • Have a Swiss knife ready. You never know when you need to cut stuff or produce a spork out of your utility set.
  • Have a battery operated radio+room light ready. You have be able to listen to news without electricity.
  • Charge everything: your rechargeable flashlight, emergency light, radio, and particularly your cellphone. If your phone easily discharges like mine, kill all applications not in use like wifi, bluetooth, music, video, radio, etc. Have it ready to make and receive calls. 
  • Prepare a list of emergency numbers beside your telephone and on your mobile’s speed dial: Red Cross, nearest police station, fire department, your baranggay office, family and friends you can rely on, NDCC, etc…


  • Check for any pipe and window sill leakage and immediately fix it. 
  • Have a waterproof sealant ready to seal any possible leakage that may occur during the rain.
  • Store water in big containers for your cleaning/washing/hygiene needs in case the water line gets cut in the middle of the typhoon. Make sure you cover them to prevent breeding of mosquitoes!
  • Check your wooden fixtures particularly the ceiling for possible leaks and cracks. The strong wind may just blow your ceiling down like it seems to want to do with mine. Ask someone to hammer your ceiling for you if you can’t DIY.

Well, that makes just about it. I don’t know what else to add. But these are the things on my list that I am doing today. The sad thing is, I can’t do anything to the elevators in this place since the basement gets flooded every time. I hate going up and down 16 stairways for grocery :(



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