DIY: Drop Chain Necklace

Hey everyone! DIY is back! If you follow the lovely Adriana Gastélum of, you’ll know where I got this idea from. When she posted this look, I knew I had to DIY it. Lately, I’m in love with yellow :)

As usual, I was so engrossed in my DIY I forgot to take decent photos. Pardon the crazy illustrations.

What you’ll need:

  • a very long chain
  • beading pliers at least 1
  • a foot rule/tape measure
  • small hoops/ring hooks (not really sure what they’re called) *facepalm*
  • spray paint (optional)

^photoshopped the color yellow :) 

Remember: SPRAY PAINT it. Don’t brush, don’t dip in anything. Make sure you spray paint in a well ventilated room and keep shaking the chains so they won’t stick to each other. Lightly coat it at a distance too.



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