Bee Happy

A couple of months ago, I got this GWP from Etude House. I still didn’t have a good smartphone that time so I just kept it in my pencil case (yes, I have a pencil case beside the telephone). 

If you look closely, it says “Cell Phone Ant-Radiation Sticker” :) haha The very reason why I took a photo of it. It’s not so visible but the call-out cutout is the sticker about the size of a 10-centavo coin which you’ll stick at the back of your phone near its antenna.

I’m not sure if this is still one of their GWP but I believe this is for sale also. Did you read the fast facts? I didn’t know that about bees. Honestly, I’m happy with the sticker because it’s anti-radiation – it helps block a little of whatever effects radiation has on humans. 

With regard to bees, I dunno. I have this love-hate relationship with them. As toys, they’re cute plus their yellow-black color combination is nice. But I hate insects. So there you go… But since they’re in danger, I just go okayguy.jpg

P.S. I think the golden sticker is cute. It’s so regal for some reasons.. the gold perhaps? If there are more stickers, I’d probably put them all over my laptop, the fridge, the door, etc…



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