Firmoo Sunglasses

While we were away from home, my package from Firmoo arrived. For international shipping, this came quickly within the month. The last time I ordered wholesale clothing from China, they arrived when I almost forgot I ordered them. This one, I got as one of the winners of ate Kai‘s giveaway.

This pair came with 2 storage options: a black carrying pouch and a plastic case complete with a cleaning cloth.

The yellow color wasn’t as vivid as it was in their website but the frame is as gorgeous in person. I also noticed scratch marks on the glass which made me think if the tons of glasses they’re giving away to bloggers for free were due to damages. You know, like those famous Cambridge Satchels that are on sale due to misspellings and other manufacturing defects.

Disclaimer: I think it’s fine. As a manufacturer, they spent on the materials. They’d be at a wrong if they sold inferior products at the same price right?

Like I said, the yellow color wasn’t as vivid as I expected. It looked like layered acrylic keychains with the color/image only sandwiched between 2 pieces. I was expecting something similar to the material of Ray Ban wayfarers. But then, that’s Ray Ban. Can’t compare really.

On the plus side, the color yellow looks awesome in camera flashes :)

The lens is a lovely two-toned but it doesn’t help much. Even indoors, there seems to be little difference. I think this is best for celebrities who wear sunglasses indoors to hide from the crowd. Yet again, with a beautifully designed frame such as, you’d be a head turner.

I’d wear this everyday if I become a K-pop sensation. The design on the sides look a lot like musical notes… or maybe it’s just me. Well, whether or not you’re a musician, you’re gonna like these glasses.

In the future, if the frames prove to be sturdy, I’d probably change the lens into a super black one. I’m sensitive to light like that. 



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