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What you’ll be reading here is pretty much what I wrote for my product review essay. I am being completely honest because I know good brands will listen to their    patrons for product improvement. (Listed in order of application)


Among the Clean Face products I’ve received, I loved the Acne Solution Foam Cleansing and the Oil-Free Control Essence in terms of their packaging. The facial wash comes in an easy-squeeze tube that allows you to control the amount you want to use. Plus, the cleanser comes out from the bottom which guarantees an easy squeeze out every time you use it. No need to tap it or to inch-by-inch press the tube from the other side to the dispensing end just to get the product out.

The bottled essence wins best packaging among the loot many thanks to its hygienic pump. Since it is in cream form, it is very easy for bacteria to breed if it comes in contact with our dirty hands. The pump makes sure that you get just the right amount of product you need without risking contamination in the rest of the contents of the bottle.

Sadly, the Mild Lotion needs a bit of improvement as the thick product is very hard to get out of its glass bottle and narrow neck


Let me begin this part with a disclaimer that I am not picky about products with strong scents. As long as they’re effective on me, I can withstand the smell. But of course, given an option of a better-smelling product, I’ll go for the effective and pleasant-smelling one.

Aside from the Acne Solution Foam Cleansing which is made from green tea, the rest of the Clean Face products: Mild Lotion, Mild Toner, Oil-Free Control Essence, and the Spot Corrector are made from tea tree extracts. The cleansing foam’s green tea scent is mild to almost non-noticeable at all.

Contrary to some online reviews, this actually has a pleasant scent similar to a freshly peeled orange or lime which is probably due to its acid contents. Its texture is a consistent thick mixture which lathers perfectly. This is best used by wetting your face with warm water to open up the pores and finish up with cold water to shrink them back. Following this step will make your skin feel tighter and smoother 

The other 4 products which feature melaleuca alternifolia or tea tree leaf oil as its main ingredient all smell a lot like a cooler version of Lipton’s lemon tea – light, refreshing, and relaxing.

  1. Double cleanse your skin by applying the Mild Toner with a cotton pad right after washing your face with the Acne Solution Foam Cleansing to wipe off residual dirt and to prep your skin to lock in the nourishment that follows in your regimen. 
  2. Apply the clear Spot Corrector gel on problem areas with a cotton swab and spread it around the perimeter.  It may sting a little on pimples but it’s a sign that the gel is beginning to break down those zits. 
  3. Let it dry for a while before applying the Mild Lotion. This moisturizer is a milky cream that spreads easily despite its thickness. 
  4. It feels heavy and sticky upon application which is why you’ll have to follow it up with the Oil-Free Control Essence. This thicker composition breaks down the oily shine resulting from the application of the Mild Lotion and reveals a much muted watery glow giving a matte feel to your skin. 


I have never tried using any product from the Clean Face line before. When I first used the set, my skin felt tingly and itchy despite the presence of methylparaben (an anti-irritant) in the entire line. My immediate thoughts were about the possible allergies to the natural ingredients particularly tea tree leaf oil and methylparaben.

I kept using the set for almost a week until I tried using just one product a day. During the week, the itchiness in some areas resulted to red spots which were clearly pimples. Since the discovery, I religiously applied the Spot Corrector every morning and evening along with the rest of the set. A couple of days later, the pimples subsided and my monthly period began. Still, there were areas without pimples that felt tingly and itchy as before.

Normally, I’d get a few huge zits around my nose and forehead before and during my period. These pimples leave scars and dark spots that will usually last for weeks until the next month where it will start to show again. But this time around, using the Clean Face set, my pimples are gone in less than a week, with no signs of coming back. The Spot Corrector dried out the pimples before they grew big without burning. The sting was there but it didn’t burn my skin and didn’t leave a dark spot. 

Because I have oily skin, on hot days, I tend to reach in my bag for my oil-blotter, misting bottle, and compact powder altogether as early as an hour after application. But a few days into the Clean Face regime, I only reached out for the oil-blotter after 3-4 hours and I’m all set once again. Now, I’m using it for almost a month and I think I have just forgotten that I have an oil-blotter in my bag!


I give the Clean Face line a total of 8 out of 10 with points taken due to difficulties with the bottled Mild Lotion and the presence of methylparaben in the ingredients. Though methylparaben is non-toxic, anti-microbial, works well with sensitive skin types, and generally a safe substance, when applied on skin may result to UV-induced damage of skin (1).

And despite having itchiness on initial use, the line deserves its 8 points because the products were effective and non-itchy on my mom’s combination skin type. It is possible that the itchiness I’ve experienced was due hormonal changes or undetermined allergies. Or even initial reaction to new products as the case when I first tried Pond’s, Clean and Clear, and Celeteque before.

Remember, different people have different skin types and what might work for others, may not work on you. But TheFaceShop offers a variety of the same skin care regimen made with different natural ingredients so you can always find a set that best suits your skin type. You can also mix and match from the other focused product lines – from acne solutions to whitening treatments, The Face Shop has something especially made for you to bring out your natural beauty. 

(1) Handa, Kokura, Adachi,  Takagi, Naito, Tanigawa, and Yoshikawa (2006). Methylparaben potentiates UV-induced damage of skin keratinocytes. Japan: Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine.

P.S. Never before have I experienced receiving so many compliments about how my face is smooth and clear. My aunts, my mom’s friends, and even my classmates are asking me what I brand and products I use. I think I might have to open a Korean beauty products shop here! I am living proof or its efficacy! 



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