The Face Shop Philippines Top Girl Go-see

I went to my first ever go-see today (April 10, 2012)! I know it sounds like a lie since I blog about fashion and beauty sometimes. Plus I’ve joined pageants before. But those were totally different. In those pageants, it wasn’t like if I didn’t appeal to them, I won’t be able to participate. In fact, they want me to join for purposes of filling up empty slots or adding candidates. And pfft, I wasn’t up against thousands of pretty girls from all over the country (or wherever TFS stores are).

Today’s go-see was for The Face Shop Philippines’ Top Girl search. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. Well, I really can’t measure the many times I felt nervous in my entire life but you get the point right? It was my first time after all ~naks parang first kiss lang, badump tss~ I think I was more nervous here than I was during my thesis defense. Ahh, I was such a carefree student anyway.

So my hands were cold and my legs actually weakened (or maybe that was just cramps from my high heels…). Tiis ganda because I know I’m up against mestizas, half pinays, and God knows how many of them are in Metro Manila. It would’ve taken a drunken me to think of competing. ~Low self-esteem is low~

*suddenly a photo of me to break the wall of texts* nothingtodohere.jpg

So what happened? I handed my filled-out form and was told to return after a few while they set up this huge sintra board similar to the poster above. I wrote my name in 1/2 lengthwise of a bond paper and held it like a suspect ready for my mugshot, except that we weren’t asked to turn sideways ~It would’ve been fun if we did that though.

Even though I was early (go-see is from 3pm-7pm) I was already MOA#8. Ahead of me, slender and flawless girls *cue Phineas & Ferb flawless girl song* had their photos taken against that huge sintra board. Nakaka-insecure lang.

When it was my turn, I couldn’t smile decently because my jaws were shaking. I had to do a Sharpay *brrrr brrr maaaa maaak* + weird high-pitched laugh to pull myself together. Ah I just showed the judges my crazy side. I’m doomed. Then, the questions started… I felt at home. I can say Q&As are my forte. When I start to open my mouth, it goes on and on and on like Titanic a machine. It is the time I feel most comfortable in a pageant.

After all that, I was given a “Thank you for joining” gift pack:

Can I say it made me happy and it made blood rush through my veins again? I just love free stuff. These packets are good for one-time use only as indicated in the gift set :) They should last for 5 days at least…

Real Nature Mask Lemon: A brightening mask sheet containing fresh lemon extract bursting with vitamin C to densely penetrate the skin and brighten dull skin tone while maintaining its translucence.

Clean Face Mild Toner & Lotion: Best selling trouble-controlling line for oily skin.

E’thym Recharge Essence: Get younger-looking and well-moisturized skin through premium oxygen water.

Natural Sun AQ Power Long Lasting Sun Cream: Mild sunblock product line with UV protection with natural plant extract.

Face It Power Perfection BB Cream: 3-in-1 anti-wrinkle, whitening, sun protection with perfect coverage ~marvelous airy-touch texture.

~TIP: Apply according to the order of photos posted for a perfect ready-to-go-out skincare. If you want it to be more make-up based, put on Face It Power Perfection BB right after applying E’thym Recharge Essence.

Want the same gift pack? Join the search for The Face Shop Philippines’ Top Girl! There are other schedules for go-sees:

  • April 12 – The Face Shop,Trinoma 3pm-7pm
  • April 13 – The Face Shop,SM Cebu 3pm-7pm

But seriously, you’ll want to join not because of the freebies but because of what the winners will receive:

Secure your forms at any The Face Shop store nationwide with a minimum purchase of P500.00 (P.S. The E’thym Collagen Water Moisture Lotion is worth it) and prepare wallet-size photos of you (1) close-up (2) full body.



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