Ready for Combat

(top from Kuala Lumpur; 8090 bag; Asian Vogue pink boots; My Angel blue shorts)


My Doc Martens-inspired booties arrived the other day and I’ve been wearing this pair ever since. It’s such a head-turner and it’s kind of awkward for me. But I just love my pink footwear so much. They’re so girly and pretty!

So I wore this outfit on a random-movie-date-on-a-whim with my bf. I was watching a Korean drama and when he called over the phone, I asked him out. Haha I was bored and I missed him okay? *argumentvalid!

While we waited for the time, we walked around MOA and I decided to have him take my outfit shots in this area fronting the bay. The sun was cooperative. Thank you Mr. Sun! I finally achieved the naturally bright-colored photo for Lookbook that I wanted. 

See, I always take outfit shots in badly-lit rooms… so I needed to pass the photos through Lightroom to amp up the lighting a bit. Though, it really messes with my picture quality. 

Of course, when it’s my bf and I together, there’s always a levitation shot :) 

Post to follow, a movie review for Mirror Mirror!



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