Mirror Mirror: Review

I went into the cinema without prior knowledge that this is a comedy-fantasy film. All I knew was that Julia Roberts played the role of the Evil Queen and I wanted to see that. 

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If I went with my expectation that this would be a more faithful adaptation of the Grimm story, I would give this movie 0/5. But since it’s genre is comedy, I give this film a 5/5. The script was well-done. The humor came from the lines of the characters rather than events in the story like they do in comedy sitcoms that even have cue: laughter.

Animation was brilliant as well. I loved the prologue as narrated by the Evil Queen herself. There’s one thing that bothered me throughout the film… How could people be half naked or dress with very little and not freeze or get sick from the cold in a kingdom that’s experiencing winter?

As for the characters, Julia Roberts was amazing – as expected. She carried the entire movie so well that it should be aptly titled The Evil Queen. Her portrayal makes you laugh at her craziness and scared of her reflection at the same time. While it could pose a difficulty for an actress to play a vile queen and being funny at the same time, Julia Roberts pulled it off effortlessly. 

Lily Collins as Snow White fit perfectly as a glove. However I felt that there was very little character development. I guess for the film to have its comedic appeal, it has to skip that hard part of self-discovery and growth. For Snow White to be trapped in her room all her life and then be able to cook so well for the dwarves and have outstanding fighting skills in a very short period, it was just inhumane. Well, she’s fiction. 

Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Ascott was dashing and “hairy”. He looked so adorable as a prince under a puppy love spell. It makes you want to pet him. I imagine that during the filming the staff were probably laughing in fits because of his doggy scene. I often wondered where his companion went to after they entered the queen’s palace. The prince’s character was as shallow as Snow White’s – having no adequate guards for a travelling prince, sissy swordsmanship, and a peanut-sized brain.

Overall, the characters were disappointing (except for Julia Roberts) but then, this is a comedy film made for entertainment purposes only. I shouldn’t be looking for character development or revolutionary plots often found in indie films/art house films.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 for keeping me entertained. I haven’t glanced to my wristwatch for the duration of this film. 



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