LB feat. JC Stinger

(Closet Chic zebra cropped top; DIY leatherette skirt; Asian Vogue Jeffrey Campbell Stinger-inspired creepers) 


Haggard look for the rock chic outfit with special thanks to Ayala-LRT-Baclaran buses and Baclaran-Mabini jeepneys. 

I had no time to take outfit shots when I was fresh from the bath since I was running late for my ENLI class. 

It’s my first time to take outfit photos in my house. So there goes a sneak peek into the place that housed me for 5 years. Sosyal hallway no?

I’m looking forward to whatever outfits I can pull with my new creepers. This calls for a visual kei/jrock-themed outfit! I bet my dear bishie friend Shun would love this  too. The silver and black combo plus the platform reminds me of my Petsha cosplay booties which I had made to order. 

Isn’t she cute? Ah I miss cosplaying cute characters with deadly weapons. I can totally relate… the being deadly part… and maybe the cute part too?



Wanderlust, choco-addict, tea-lover, strawberry-monster, camera-wielding, dancing creature of the sea.

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