Free Lunch

Had a date yesterday… More like, I needed to use the voucher which was given to me as a prize in a photo contest. It was due to expire March 14, 2012 and it would be a waste not to use that 7k worth of food and beverage at Makati Shangri-la. 

I’m no fan of fine dining. I think taking your time for a three-course meal which consists of everyday food baptized with hard to pronounce names is just…*sigh* What’s more, there’s the scary service charge on top of the VAT which wasn’t included in the menu’s price listing. Not to forget the huge tip that’s expected of you.

I just want my adobo on top of newly cooked rice. Pinoy food and lutong-bahay is the bomb! To commemorate the day I ate a three-course meal without having to pay anything, here are the photos:

Something for your hungry belly while waiting for food to arrive.

Starter: Herb-coated Tuna which I didn’t enjoy because I don’t like my fish raw. I didn’t bother taking photo of my bf’s starter because it was just a poor lone lobster ball swimming in tasteless soup.

Main course: Beef Sirloin. Was supposed to have lamb rack but they didn’t have it. I regretted accepting the suggestion of the head waiter to have my meat medium well as not to harden the meat. I’d rather have a hard meat than blood that tastes ugh. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like my fish raw – same goes for any other meat.

His Main Course: Duck breast, Php 1350. I told my bf that the foam is the chef’s spit to add flavor. hehe Of course, he didn’t believe it but he didn’t like it on his plate.

They say first impressions last, likewise, last impressions. They had us with our desserts. 

Surprisingly Red, Php 480 – a chocolate dome covered in caramel, sprinkled with pop rocks reveals an ice cream inside. It reminds me of an EOS lip balm!

To complete my RED Business Lunch Set, Php 1350, strawberries and brownies! 

And our bill that could feed a hundred hungry kids… Since it didn’t reach 7k, the head waiter asked us if we wished to take home wine or food. We chose wine though I don’t like drinking wine or any alcohol for that matter, I think it will make a perfectly good visiting present for his parents yeah?

Ah, goodbye curled hair… *I got a bit wet from the rain*

I don’t know what to expect in fine dining, but the flavors of what I had for lunch today won’t ever match the kind I can always have from my family’s kitchen.

P.S. Still no outfit shots. And I wore my ‘pageant heels’ today too :( My bf is not one who likes taking pictures in public…



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