The Birthday That Was…

Overdue post. I turned 21 last February 26. Naturally, my mom flew to see me along with other things. I still feel bad that she wanted to invite her clients/suppliers to my small birthday dinner! #conyoproblems

But really, my mom and I are very close and because of her business and my school, I’ve lived away from her. Though she comes to see me every 3 months or so, it wasn’t because she missed me. It was like, she needed to meet a client/supplier or whatever and because I’m here, how perfect can it be…

Anyway, I still love her. I wouldn’t be able to survive in Manila where cost of living is insane if not for her hardwork and business. Ahhh it’s a love-hate relationship…

Here’s Sago Pudding from one of my favorite restaurants, Banana Leaf. It was ‘given’ to me after my mom declared “It’s her birthday, do you have anything special for celebrants who dine here?” That moment, I wanted the earth to swallow me. The eyes of the girl at the nearest table were screaming “What a cheapo!” And we were dressed well. Imagine the irony.

That’s another charm of my mother dragon, she LOOOVES free stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love freebies too. That’s why I join giveaways online. The difference is, I wait for it to come to me. But being the straightforward business woman that she is, she charges through it. Either I’m too shy to claim my dues, or that she’s just too aggressive. And my bf says I’m exactly like her. I don’t see how. Well, maybe in some aspects.

Oh, and the pudding was HEAVENLY!

In the afternoon, we went to SM Manila’s National Bookstore. It was there that I bought my TOEFL, TOIEC, and IELTS reviewers which didn’t come cheap as I hoped. While she waited, she unexpectedly looked at books and got hooked. Her total purchase of interior design books doubled my reviewers. One of the few moments I get to see her excited about things other than winning a bid or charming a client. Precious.

At night, we went to Resorts World (because I’m so of legal age now!! Not that you can’t go in if you’re under 21, but the casino… *grin*) and had the celebratory dinner at Sizzling Pepper Steak. I don’t know why but I’ve been craving steak that week. Probably because I had my period… err, loss of blood.. loss of iron.. craving for steak.. you get it? 

So this small group consisted of my best friend since nursery, my boyfriend, my godchild and his parents (who are my mom’s friends)… It’s just an intimate group <3 

Presenting, my birthday cake… rather, my birthday blueberry cheesecake! I ordered this for my dessert, not knowing that my mom planned to turn it into a birthday cake with candles (which she demanded from the waiter) and sliced it into 8! 

Look at that, everyone’s laughing because my cake is so tiny. We could’ve just bought everyone little cheesecakes but nooooo. It was sliced into 8 – one for each of us!

The poor cheesecake all smashed up. It’s funny how the restaurant staff were looking at us as if they wanted to give each one a cake so we could fully enjoy it’s decadence. But this was really cute. Sharing even the smallest cake.

I wanted a whole to myself because it has been a while since I last ate a cheesecake from this store but sharing it with everyone in our table was just heartwarming. It reminded me of the extended family I grew up with. I remember those meals we had where we tried to fit all 10 of us at the table made for just 6 people just because my grandfather insisted that a family should eat together. With all my aunts and uncle abroad, and my grandpa in heaven. I guess it will be a while before I’ll be able to have a meal with a huge family.

So much for the flashback… I’m starting to sound like a Japanese melodrama.

My supposed to be outfit shots didn’t turn well. This is the only thing that is post-worthy. And yes, I’m wearing red. It’s my birthday and I’m still half-Chinese!

With 1/2 of my best friend, Kris – her twin Karen was out of town :(

My mom, wearing her favorite tunic which she constantly pulls on the sides to make it off-shoulder. Good thing my conservative step-dad wasn’t around :)

Of course, couple shot with my stressed boyfriend who still came despite working for a week out of town and lacking in sleep <3 chuu~

Since I was 21 that day and at Resorts World, I didn’t pass the chance to go inside a casino. The last time my mom and I tried to go inside and fake my age, the second time the guards asked my age, I told them the truth that I was 19. I find it really hard to go against the law/rules. I’m such a boring person, yeah?

So, I was given 1k by my mom to waste in the casino. After a few rounds at the roulette (the only game I could comprehend), I won back my bet and 500 pesos more, which I still returned to my mom. Now that I think about it, why did I return it?? Ah she gave it to me already.. I could’ve bought new shoes! Sadly, no cameras were allowed, so you can just imagine how innocent and young I looked in the casino full of filthy rich people with millions to waste. 

Wow, long post, full of text too. I should blog like this more often. My fingers are just running all over the keyboard. My thoughts are just spilling out. This is easier than I thought. Maybe I should start putting more of my soul into this blogging thing. After all, I’m no product blogger with pre-installed emotions. I am a personal blogger! 



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