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Along with my new years resolution “to be more fashionable”, came the rise of the titans growth of my accessories.Thanks to a small bazaar in Zamboanga laden with the same accessories in many online shops at a fraction of its cost, I added accessories to my collection in bulk.

To top that, my aunt just came home from Ireland and passed on loads of clothing and accessories that don’t fit her anymore (in size and in age). It makes me so happy to be the bunso of the family!

Because of this growth spurt in my jewelry box, I’ve set aside a time to organize everything. Luckily, I haven’t thrown away old boxes. they now serve a good purpose for my stuff…

My bangles are inside this pretty Marks&Spencers box/bag which I got at Jannie’s 18th birthday celebration way back in 2009. Usually I choose one piece from this box…

and pile on additional thin bangles from this old Lancome set box. I have plenty of gold ones because I find gold most flattering to my skin tone.

The rings go in this big Ferrero Rocher box. Instant divider for rings and other small stuff!

I’m not a big fan of earrings like I was in high school (all crazy colors and sizes!) and most of the time I just wear stud earrings. They go in this smaller Ferrero Rocher box.

Necklaces and some bracelets go in here. Organizer courtesy of my dad. It was among his unusual gifts together with the boxes of acetone and cuticle remover…

Smaller necklaces that don’t take much space are in here with the other smaller items such as pair-less earrings and beads… Someday I might just do something with those lost souls.

The earrings and necklaces that don’t fit are in this small white box.

I never realized I already had so many accessories… or maybe too few for some? How do you organize your accessories?



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