Kuala Lumpur – Part 6: Petronas & Suria

January 27, 2012 (another image-heavy post to enjoy) January 26, 2012 (another image-heavy post) read part 123, 4, 5 

On our second to the last full day in KL, we finally visited the famed Petronas twin towers. We didn’t go up the viewing deck though. It costs RM50 per adult and you’re only allowed 10mins up and there’s a long queue. Instead, we roamed around Suria KLCC.

heading to the taxi bay…

I really love taking photos of Sephora’s facade.

No this isn’t our taxi…

Outside the Petronas…

*ninja shots* Petronas lobby

A close up of my new necklace. From the base of the Petronas up.

Inside Suria KLCC Concourse (the only area where you’re allowed to take photos)

Decorative Chinese lanterns cascading from the ceiling… 

Someone’s getting vain in front of highly reflective surfaces…

(F.O.S Scribble Tees by Old Skool from gray cotton shirt; mustard yellow leather shoes from Kuala Lumpur; striped orange skirt from Kuala Lumpur; boater hat from SM Department Store)

Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here.

*ninja shots from here on*

Chanel window display..

I Wanna Go Home – a furnite and home deco store.

I could live in this bookstore!

Some fun happening outside the Petronas…

The view outside my 2nd hotel room.

Can you spot the hotel we first checked in? Hotel Equatorial.

This happens to be my last post of the tour. The next full day we had, we just roamed around Bukit Bintang and bought souvenirs…



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