Kuala Lumpur – Part 4: On board and Elsewhere

January 25, 2012 (another image-heavy post) read part 1, 2, 3

To get the most out of our 24-hour KL Hop On Hop Off Tour, we squeezed out the last few hours before we check out of Hotel Equatorial. The whole bus trip without getting off board took us 2.5 hours. Photos only taken through the glaring bus window…

And suddenly a photo of my aunt and me :)

Look at that bird go! Eep cracked window bus!

My lens can only zoom until this point…

What a cute family!

Food break…

…and crossing the street, not to Sephora but to Fahrenheit 88 :)

Stardust Studio at Fahrenheit88 is a cutie cute version of Sephora.

Now won’t you look at that?

A cutie cute but seemingly *coughgaycough* person…

(Pabder loafers; animal prints leggings from bazaar; Ly black sleeveless dress; Guess sunglasses; plum scarf from SM Department Store)

Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here.

Inside Fahrenheit88. This seemingly ghost town is the total opposite of people-laden Pavilion. I wonder why…

Da Louis. Home to cute accessories and cheap fashionable bags :)

39’C a bag haven with a quirky entrance…

Evolve. Designer items that didn’t pass quality control? You’ll find them here at knock-out prices.

Afternoon. A mori-girl’s heaven. Not so pocket friendly though.

Can I pleaze turn this store into my closet?

I’m not into taking photos with standees or even local celebrities. But I was in the mood that day. Comparing who looks more like a girl – the standee or me. /I lost this bet. 

Went to the Irish pub with my aunt and her fiance… I feel so out of place. Well, at least the pineapple Malibu was fine.

This group played music that could put you to sleep in one part and wake your senses in another. I wish I bought a cd…

Til my next post! Read part 5.



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