Kuala Lumpur – Part 2: Pavilion

Finally back in the Philippines with time to post-process my RAW photos, here’s day 1 in KL! Image-heavy post but do enjoy! Read part 1 here.

January 23, 2012

Outfit of the day :)

(thrifted East Boy white short-sleeved cardigan with hoodie; Gene Gozum yellow thin belt; Pabder blue loafers; Longchamp bag; River Island blue gradation dress; Moro Camel watch from Taiwan; accessories from Ireland)

Hype this look on Lookbook.nu here

Having tea in the morning…

The view outside my window: KL Monorail – Raja Chulan station…

Jalan Sultan Ismail going to Bukit Bintang station

Ohaithurr Sephora! Can you believe I didn’t go in? Resist the urge to see all things pretty but unnecessary!

And photo op with the Philippine Buddy Bear and my aunt’s Irish hubby. There were 140 bears surrounding the Pavilion mall representing 140 countries. These bears were on ‘tour’ before they’re to be auctioned. Lucky!

And could we get any luckier? We ‘chanced’ upon our holiday in the middle of Lunar New Year celebration! The malls were decked out in festive colors!

Dragon says RAWR!

A full view of le dragon!

A witty sign at Pepper Lunch…

Yummy goodies at Bread Talk!

Welcome to Typo. A store similar to Papemelroti, only better. I’m being ninja with le photos here…

Gallary… Okay.

Keep calm as life is f*cked anyway (censored by Typo). Cute.

At first glance…. ex-PGMA???!! LOLWHUT

I was reprimanded by the stall for taking photos *cry* but I got a sign for dad’s car. *still, ninja skills = ON!

Cutie cute superheroes!

TOKYO STREET. The best area in Pavilion! Cute stuff, ice cream, Daiso, geisha figures, actual Japanese people speaking Nihongo, and more cute stuff. It’s like being teleported to Japan!

I just fainted…. Rilakkuma!

Saw this cute little girl refusing to give the heavy bag to her mom. She actually ran off… I wanna pinch her chubby cheeks! Her giggles were so pilya..

I wanted to buy these little goodluck charms for my *ahem* future mother-in-law but I’m not sure if she’s into Chinese stuff so I got them candy. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if she likes candy either. Maybe I can just give an “I got those because I’m sweet like that.. yeah” excuse for not getting a better pasalubong… Eeep! Bawas cutie points!

Somewhere in le Pavilion mall…

… and then le view from the same floor.

Holy mother of sweets….

Whuts this? I can’t even… ah Gong Xi Fa Cai?

Crossing the street from Pavilion to Sephora… busy busy busy!

Lip smacking goodies at Stardust Studio, Fahrenheit 88!

Spot Tsubasa! A shelf filled with gyaru appliques that I love to ogle only because I’m no good at putting them on.

Oh, my car btw. Not his car either! Hmf

And another in-the-middle-of-the-street photo to end this batch. More tomorrow!

Someone keeps staying in my room for facials and girl talk… aha! Goodnight! Read part 3.



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