Sa Entablado

- July 14th, 2015 -

“Gusto kong marinig ang iyong palakpak at hiyaw.

Kahit saan ka ma’y agad kitang matatanaw.

Ako ba’y pinagmamalaki mo,

sa tuwing ako’y nasa entablado?”


Minsan emo. Minsan makata. Madalas baliw sa pag-ibig.


Want To Improve Your Looks?

- June 30th, 2015 -

So I was at the derma today for my laser session, and as I sipped my complimentary post-session tea, I noticed the promo posters advertising slimming and whitening services with the copy “Want to improve your looks?“. As a slightly-confused-and-lacking-in-knowledge feminist, it got me thinking. What is beautiful? Recent wave of beauty advocacies will tell you that beautiful is being comfortable in your own skin no matter the size or color. And I agree that there are beautiful plus-sized women and beautiful dark-skinned women. Case in point the bloggers behind The Plump Pinay and actress-surfer Mara Lopez. In fact, there’s no need to go further as I have plenty of beautiful friends.


Various brands come up with social campaigns rallying that beauty should be skin deep and not based on external factors. And staunch advocates criticize beauty brands that promote whitening or slimming by standardizing white and slim as the only kind of beautiful. But what about dermatology and aesthetic clinics? Don’t they also get the blame on standardizing beauty?

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Soundcloud: Game

- February 20th, 2015 -

February 2015. Not sure how I was able to compose this in 10 minutes – if you don’t count the time I hummed the song while I was in the shower. This was dedicated to the man who ruined my dynamics. To all who have met The Playboy, take him out of your life before you regret it. He is not worth your time or affection.

Disclaimer: I’m no musician nor a mermaid with a captivating voice. Please be kind~

New Year’s Resolutions

- January 5th, 2015 -


Each year, I post my resolutions not for the world to know but to remind me of my goals. I find writing down – or typing my goals help me be on track. Many of my resolutions will be carried over from last year. Such things that I need to continue for my self-development.


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Hail Hydra!

- December 14th, 2014 -

It’s the Christmas season again and everyone’s on their toes trying to find the perfect gift. One that’s usable, non-cliche, and will be appreciated by the receiver. Price aside, it’s already a challenge enough finding that perfect gift. Harder if this gift giving routine has been going on for years and about 3x a year: birthday, anniversary, Christmas!

Here’s my gift to myself and to my boyfriend:


Sweater, at 50% off from BASIC HOUSE; front image SHIELD logo; back image HYDRA logo (MARVELS)

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