Travel Factor: Baler, Aurora 2014

- September 10th, 2014 -

patsyuu-2188May 10-11, 2014 – Following an extremely satisfying organized party from Travel Factor, I decided to entrust my next adventure to them. For the first time, I will be will  two of my best girls from high school – Crissa and Nikki for a surf trip to Baler. This will be the first time any of us have ever tried to surf and we’re glad we did just fine and left Baler without injuries or drowning incidents. We were a tanned a bit too much, exposing ourselves to the noon time sun while waiting for waves to come during our lesson, but it was all worth it. Four months later, my sunburn still hasn’t gone.  Read the rest of this entry »

Travel Factor: Summer Siren 2014

- September 8th, 2014 -


April 5, 2014 – I have decided to quit my job and discover my other potentials. Immediately following my last day at work, I started doing theater workshops at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, organized by the resident theater company, Tanghalang Pilipino (more about this in my next post…). Less than a week after quitting my job, I was back on the beach, partying, and meeting new friends courtesy of Aiza (from the previous Nature Girl photoshoot). So far, I am having the best week of the year!   Read the rest of this entry »

Gie: Wanderlust

- September 7th, 2014 -

patsy-0641-wanderlustMarch 16, 2014 –  Following the still hot passion in photography that’s been recently revived, here’s another colleague feature! Meet Gie dela Cruz, Korean Cultural Center’s librarian and 막내 (maknae, youngest). At the office, Gie is the one whose desk is the farthest from the Admin Office. Her domain being the perpetually cold library that we call Jeju Island. I’d say these photos would be her rebirth(?) as a girly girl since she often dresses down in jeans, flats, and blue green blouses with matching black blazer. She often has her hair in a lazy low pony and her beautiful face hidden by her blue green eyeglasses. Read the rest of this entry »

MAD: The Meg and Dia Experience

- September 6th, 2014 -


January 21, 2014 – Mad crazy. That’s how I felt when I missed the RED album tour of Dia Frampton last year. My joy was unimaginable when they announced another tour in Hard Rock Cafe Manila, this time with Meg Frampton and Carlo Gimenez. This could only mean that songs from their Meg & Dia days will definitely be performed. Not that I dislike Dia’s solo music career. But Meg & Dia was the anthem of my late high school to early college days. [all photos taken via S4] Read the rest of this entry »