Mid-Year Resolutions Check-up

- July 2nd, 2014 -

I made some resolutions for the New Year. After six months, let’s see how much I can tick off:

  1. Exercise more. √
  2. Read more literary classics. √
  3. Shoot more. Smartphone or DSLR, whichever. √
  4. Eat healthy. √
  5. Travel more. √
  6. Blog more. √ half!
  7. Religiously follow skin care regimen – especially at night.
  8. Put more effort into fashion.
  9. Learn how to apply makeup. √ half!
  10. Whine less.

6 out of 10. Not bad. Read the rest of this entry »

My Seoul Itinerary

- June 25th, 2014 -
At the National Folk Museum of Korea

At the National Folk Museum of Korea

I’ve finally ended my series on my Seoul trip from October 2013. It has taken me a very long time to resize the photos and put together a sort-of decent blog post. If there’s one thing I am very proud of, it’s my itinerary. For the first time, I made an hourly schedule of the day, did a loooot of research on places and open hours, and learned a lot about Korea in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Apps to Guide Your Seoul Trip

- June 24th, 2014 -

Seoul is generally a tourist-friendly capital. Public transportation and stations have English translations. Major tourists areas have information centers where you can get free maps and assistance from English-speaking personnel. There’s also the 24-hour English translation service hotline. Not to forget the city is highly wired with high speed 4G connections all over (some stores don’t bother with passwords anymore and just leave it open).

Seoul apps for android and ios

But when you’re shy or not up to setting your mobile device on roaming, here are some helpful apps available for offline use. These are available on both iOS and Android, hooray! Read the rest of this entry »

Seoul: Shrines and Palaces

- June 22nd, 2014 -

Going around Seoul, one thing that is very noticeable is the coexistence of skyscrapers with with shrines and palaces. And I cannot state that more than enough. Most of these historical structures were built during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Seoul has become the capital city of South Korea thanks to the presence of the Five Grand Palaces conveniently located in Jung-gu and Jongno-gu (-gu = district):  Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung, and Gyeonghuigung (gung = palace).



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