Vietnam Adventure

- July 31st, 2014 -

vietnam2013-pastelscalesI was still on a high from my October 2013 Seoul trip when my dear aunt arrived from London. Hearing about my travel tales, she tempted me to embark on a very spontaneous trip to Vietnam at the end of November 2013. My vacation leaves were running pretty low + my numerous lates counting against those precious VLs and the fact that I have to save some for my Christmas leave. Ah the pains of living far away from home.

vietnam2013-pastelscalesSo jealous of those who don’t have to set aside VLs for Christmas time.

vietnam2013-pastelscalesSo I did what any cunning person would do – raked in lots of overtime (naughty naughty). Not that I couldn’t finish my work on time, I actually acquired more work from other staff like designing posters and other unnecessary helping out. Hahaha!

vietnam2013-pastelscalesMy aunt Lucy and I spent about 3 days in Vietnam – just in Ho Chi Minh to be exact. As it was a very spontaneous trip, we booked our hotel every night and transferred from one to another around the city. I wanted to go to Angkor Wat and spend our nights in travel but that was unplanned so it never happened.

vietnam2013-pastelscalesWe’re both short on cash to hire a private tour and our hotel wasn’t helpful either. To sum it up, our Vietnam trip consisted of hotel hopping and days spent buying and eating fruits at Ben Thanh Market.

vietnam2013-pastelscalesOh and there was this Japanese guy covered in all grey and black. He looked very cool in his buddhist monk-ish garb, black leather sandals, Vietnamese straw hat, and beads around his wrist. I thought it was fate when I kept seeing him from the War Museum, the Ben Thanh Market, and even the other public market. I thought to myself that if I’d see him again, I would say hi and maybe get his Instagram or whatever. But the 4th encounter never happened. I guess it wasn’t fate. It was called tourist trap.

vietnam2013-pastelscalesThe only things that were significant for me were the visit to the War Museum and the glorious fruits. I’ve never had such delicious chico in my entire life. From my very touristy experience, I didn’t like this trip. Perhaps I was expecting too much based on my recent trip to Seoul. Indeed, I need to travel more and see the world more so I can open up mind and expand my horizon. Hopefully I get another chance to visit Vietnam again and experience the best of the country. Next time, Hanoi.

Mid-Year Resolutions Check-up

- July 2nd, 2014 -

I made some resolutions for the New Year. After six months, let’s see how much I can tick off:

  1. Exercise more. √
  2. Read more literary classics. √
  3. Shoot more. Smartphone or DSLR, whichever. √
  4. Eat healthy. √
  5. Travel more. √
  6. Blog more. √ half!
  7. Religiously follow skin care regimen – especially at night.
  8. Put more effort into fashion.
  9. Learn how to apply makeup. √ half!
  10. Whine less.

6 out of 10. Not bad. Read the rest of this entry »

My Seoul Itinerary

- June 25th, 2014 -
At the National Folk Museum of Korea

At the National Folk Museum of Korea

I’ve finally ended my series on my Seoul trip from October 2013. It has taken me a very long time to resize the photos and put together a sort-of decent blog post. If there’s one thing I am very proud of, it’s my itinerary. For the first time, I made an hourly schedule of the day, did a loooot of research on places and open hours, and learned a lot about Korea in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

Apps to Guide Your Seoul Trip

- June 24th, 2014 -

Seoul is generally a tourist-friendly capital. Public transportation and stations have English translations. Major tourists areas have information centers where you can get free maps and assistance from English-speaking personnel. There’s also the 24-hour English translation service hotline. Not to forget the city is highly wired with high speed 4G connections all over (some stores don’t bother with passwords anymore and just leave it open).

Seoul apps for android and ios

But when you’re shy or not up to setting your mobile device on roaming, here are some helpful apps available for offline use. These are available on both iOS and Android, hooray! Read the rest of this entry »